Exceptional Care

We are detail oriented and focus on the health and care of each blade of grass.

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Uncomparable Service

When you hire BILL-MAR, it's not just a product you are buying, but a service. We recognize the value of a satisfied patron, so every call, question, complaint, or concern is answered and addressed promptly. WE GUARANTEE IT, OR IT'S ON US.

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Competent Applicators

Every applicator is licensed in Ornamental Turf and extensively trained in the turf industry to recognize and remedy any issues that may arise in the turf throughout the growing season...

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Our Products

Our standard applications are applied using a high grade, slow-release granular fertilizer to prevent burning and to continuously feed the lawn over a 6-8 week duration. A liquid herbicide is used to treat any weeds as needed.

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Locally Owned and Operated

We are proud to be locally owner and operated, to where our services enhance the beautification of the Omaha Metro.

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Welcome to Bill-Mar Professional Lawn Service!

All you need for a beautiful lawn.

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